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Spirulina Foundation undertakes many initiatives to help in malnutrition for kids across india. Talk to us if you are looking to :


for our various programs that include incubatingspirulina growing hubs, chiki production centers and distribution centers
We bring our background of working from the grassroots on dealing with malnutrition and using Spirulina to help kids combat malnutrition in their first 1000 days.


fund our various initiatives like fund a child, a school or a village where your money will go towards reducing malnutrition in those areas
We run these initiatives across various states in India and we provide you with feedback on how your funds are being utilized to help kids from the weakest sector finght their battle with malnutrition.

About Us

Spirulina Foundation is a brain child of Mr Mahesh R V, he has been at the helm of it and has been fighting malnutrition through this organisation for the past 5 years. He is instrumental in inspiring employees and volunteers who form the blood and flesh of Spirulina Foundation. Mahesh holds a degree in Bachelors of Engineering in Bio-Technology from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Mahesh also has a strong inclination towards research and development and has presented many technical papers and posters at national and international conferences. He has also worked on projects such as Earth worm ceolomic fluid extraction and it’s fibrinolytic activity assay, Biodiesel from algae and Organic Spirulina cultivation from natural waste sources.
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Spirulina Foundation is also supported by volunteers who are deeply involved in the foundation. One of them is Mihika Suraj. Mihika is a multi-talented grade 6 student who is a trained singer, guitarist, and performer. She also enjoys playing sports like badminton, football and athletics and thus realizes the importance of nutrition. Introduced to Spirulina chikki when she was 9 years old, Mihika was very surprised when her parents told her that this delicious concoction was also healthy. Like any other child, she wondered how something so healthy could also be tasty and thus started researching and learned that Spirulina is a natures’ gift pack of umpteen micronutrients which has great health benefits, especially in the fight against child malnutrition.
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